Thursday, 10 July 2014

Shall I fight for this love?

Antwan says:
Just a month ago I got together with my girlfriend, and now we've split up. Only thing that we split up over was about the fact that she's still in high school, and I'm going off to college. I've been gone for a month on personal business to another city while she's back at home. I've done my best to talk to her everyday and keep in touch with her, but she said that wasn't enough. I gave her a set date of when I was coming home, and she was all set and ready for me to come back, as I was. 

However, that date had to be postponed till the week after, and she didn't want to wait that much longer. I told her and promised her I'd do whatever I could to come see her when I get back home. No matter how late the time, or what I had to do in order to come see her I was willing to do it, but she said she's not going for it. 

There's not a living ounce in me that wants to break up with her, especially over this reason in general. Someone please help me, should I still fight for my love, or keep my head up, and keep it moving? I don't wanna lose her, she's the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I don't care for most of my ex's, especially the way I care about her. 

I am reminded of my own wife's persistence at chasing me when I also proposed a breakup due to distance, although I didn't work so hard at discouraging her. She wore me down, she spent a lot of money traveling, we got married and we're still together!

However that doesn't mean your own persistence will pay off. It all depends on her feelings for you. I would be inclined to fight for this love until you are convinced it won't be returned. If you want to take a chance and force the issue, the offer to make is TELL ME YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT ME AND I'LL STOP CHASING YOU. This however is an "Ace". Once you've played the ace, there's no way back!

Don't walk away until you've definitely lost, but if that happens, walk away for good.

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