Thursday, 10 July 2014

I've been dumped by my best friend!

Megan says:
So when the person who knows you inside out turns their back on you, it feels like a stab through the heart. Right up until my best friend ­dumped , I’d have said we were as close as sisters.We knew each other so well, we could finish each other’s sentences and make each other laugh just by looking at one another in a certain way.Over the years, we had shared the most intimate events of our lives with each other.

We have been friends for 15 years since kindegarden and now we finished high school . She will be a doctor and I will continue architecture, but we planned to share a house together . But 2 weeks after high school she dumped me . She said I was acting different and she didnt want to continue our friendship. Now we have 6 weeks that we dont text, see or call each-other . She found a new friend and i see that she is ******* happy ! And i am the one who's suffering ALONE...:/
Do you think I may find good friends in university ? Will there be anyone just like me , alone with no friends?? 

The fact is that relationships that "go the distance" are in the minority - most have a birth and death. When a treasured relationship dies, you inevitably grieve over it and ask yourself lots of "what if..." questions. It's even harder when the other seems to bounce back almost immediately - though appearances can be deceptive.

It's time for you to let her go in your heart and move on. Treasure the good memories but make a new start. I have no doubt you'll find a kindred spirit at college, but don't be tempted to commit to people prematurely. Simply seek opportunities to strike up conversations about common interest and you will inevitably attract the like-minded.

Don't apportion blame and don't look back in anger. Get up from the "grave" and walk away. Life goes on. 

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