Thursday, 10 July 2014

I got a non-comittal response!

Sarah says:
So yesterday I told the guy that I liked that I liked him because I wanted to know the answer already. But instead of things being more clear now, they're more blurry than ever! You see, he said he likes me but since we've never met he can't tell for sure (we met online). And that was it! So basically he didn't dump me but he also didn't take me???

I just want to know where I'm going with it but I don't wanna be too pushy because that would probably ruin all my chances. I don't know what else should I do... I really like him but he put me in an awful position. 

If you want to pursue this, push him for a face-to-face meetup in a public place. If he comes up with excuses why not, I would dump him at that point. As well as saying they like you, any prospective partner must show some intention to put money where mouth is, get off their butt and do something about it. You can't dance with someone who won't get off their chair.

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