Thursday, 10 July 2014

I'm worried about my bullied client

Elliot says:
Hi I'm 24 and a personal trainer, my client is 16. Yesterday me and a female collegue were training in the local park and my collegue stopped and said, "Elliott is that who I think it is?" I turned round and saw my poor client getting battered to a pulp by 4 girls. We ran and my collegue shoved them and was like, "You should be ashamed of yourselves!!" 

She was yelling for ages while I picked up my client and cleaned her face up with tissues and she just curled up against me giving me a hug. Normally I would've not hugged her back but under the circumstances I did and I rocked her back and forth and she said, "El it was so awful" I hugged her tighter and said, "Shh sweetheart everything's gonna be ok" so she'd calmed down and then my collegue came over absolutely furious with the other girls. 

We took her back home and explained to her mum what happened but I am so worried about her and I feel horrendous. What do I say next session to her? If they weren't girls I would've hit them because it's absolutely disgusting to hit someone for no reason. Oh and people filmed the fight and it's online what do I do?? 

I am assuming that you teach exercise and fitness. I have no doubt therefore that you will have contacts in self-defence, and I strongly recommend you refer her to one of these, particularly ones willing to do freebies in return for recommendations.

As sorry as you are for her, you are not her Guardian Angel, and she herself has to take responsibility for her own self-defence. In my experience, those who stop being afraid of taking a hit and are fully prepared to strike back stop getting bullied. It's her fight, and all you can do is point out where she can get a weapon.

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